Who will WIN the EXPO Raffle Prizes?

goproPart of the excitement of attending the EXPO is the wonderful assortment of raffle prizes for you to win!

Here are some of the items we will be giving away throughout the day:

  • 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
  • GoPro Hero3 White Edition
  • Belkin Easefit Armband for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch
  • HP 7″ Digital Picture Frame
  • $50 Visa Gift Card
  • Roku2 Streaming Player
  • Toshiba Canvio Connect 500GB portable hard drive
  • 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab3
  • Brookstone Padfolio Case for iPad tablet
  • Logitech Fabricskin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air
  • Neat Receipts Mobile Scanner 7 Digital Filing System
  • Capello Rise & Shine Alarm Clock Dock for iPhone, Android, mobile phones & tablets
  • Some Like it Hot Kitchen Motif Basket
  • Keurig K-Cup Single Cup Brewing System- K40 Elite
  • Epson Small-In-One Printer
  • 8GB Flash Drive – Mini Cooper
  • USB Car & AC Charger
  • Sony Personal Audio System for iPhone 5
  • Swingline Stack and Shred Paper Shredder

Stop by the Prize table in front of the main stage on Wednesday to view all the prizes.

Grand PRIZE #1

This spectacular Prize includes everything you need to be a successful REALTOR®

  • We pay your Membership Dues to your Local Realtor® Association for one year (2015). Value $539
  • 12-months of MetroList MLS Access Fees (it does not include Supra Key fees). $420 value
  • $50 Gift Certificate to the SAR Retail Center
  • $50 Gift Certificate to use toward one Education Class held at the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®

Grand PRIZE #2

$500 Visa Gift Card

Qualify to Win

Have your green card stamped by at least 30 or the 59 exhibitors and drop your card into our special raffle drum. (Drawing will be held during the cocktail party, at approximately 4:15 pm).  

Establishing a Game Plan with your Homeowners

Post by Guest Blogger: Duke Jones, Metropolitan Van and Storage

Metropolitan has a very successful and exciting program for its Residential and Commercial Realty Partners.

Residential Sales:

Selling a home and getting the highest price possible can be challenging enough.

Sometimes all that needs to be done, is clearing the clutter, getting family portraits and artwork off the walls. Other homes may need to be completely cleared out and staged.

Often times it’s up to the client to prepare the house for sell this can cause unanticipated delays in showing the home and can create future scheduling conflicts especially if the Realtor has multiple listings.

Sellers are often stressed out enough, without having to get materials, start packing, find a storage facility, rent a truck, load the truck and then unload It into a storage unit only to find out they did not get a big enough space and in the garage it goes.

With a simple phone call we can meet with the Realtor and Homeowner establish a game plan of what needs to be packed, cleared out and stored. Instead of weeks a house is ready to show in a day.

Commercial Sales:

Often times Commercial spaces are gutted leaving it to the Client to try and figure out if the space can be configured correctly for their companies needs. Businesses often find themselves having to get multiple bids from several different Vendors such Spacial Planners and installers for the Cubicles, Electricians, Constriction for hard offices, Case Goods for new furniture, IT and of course a Commercial Relocation Company. This process can cause major delays in time and multiple trips for the Realtor.

With a phone call we can streamline the process by coordinating meetings with multiple  trade professionals minimizing delays in decision making since we handle these service in house Realtors and Clients have only to talk to one coordinator and the logistics are handled it is now a seamless process.

Power of a Positive Attitude

JoshFlaggIn the EXPO Closing General Session, Million Dollar Listing LA star Josh Flagg will be presenting his perspective on staying positive through all the up’s and down’s of being an agent. This is THE key to always making forward progress in your goals, results and income. Josh has had tremendous successes in his career but also experienced disappointments, yet his positive mindset has always helped see him through challenges to greater and greater triumphs.

Josh will be speaking about how you can adopt the same mindset to thrive, regardless of your market or current level of skill or expertise. You’ll learn how to stay focused on exactly what you want, how to overcome setbacks, why “progress not perfection” should be your mantra and other ways to leverage your mind for greater productivity, results and financial abundance. This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the top agents in the nation, and discover how he thinks and operates in order to achieve so much success.

C.A.R.’s Top 5 Product Picks for REALTORS® This Spring

Guest Blog post by: Jenny Roberts, C.A.R.

The CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® finds market relevant technology tools that important for your real estate business. C.A.R. will negotiate a discount for exclusive offers for members only. Together these five products can help take your real estate business to the next level.

ReboGateway: a monthly paid subscription that allows you to utilize a powerful data system to find homes with “life events” occurring in them to increase the likelihood of you getting the listing. Find new listings at www.rebogateway.com/CAR.

  1. zipForm® Plus: Free for all members of C.A.R. zipForm® is considered the “gold standard” in California real estate. But did you know that all members also receive access to many other products inside of zipForm®? These tools, including zipLogix Digital Ink® the only free e-signature solution for C.A.R. members, were combined into one ecosystem designed to help strengthen your business and manage risk. For a complete list visit www.car.org/tools/zipForm.
  2. Clarus touchCMA™: a monthly paid subscription that gives you the power to create visually-stunning, interactive and data-rich presentations within seconds. This program allows you to easily embed videos and other rich media directly into any listing presentation using your iPad or computer. And now agents can search listing by actual drive times for any address using INRIX® Drive Time inside of Clarus touchCMA. Register for your risk-free 30-day trial at www.clarustouchcma.com.
  3. 12 Hours of Online Courses: Free for all members of C.A.R. Choose from over 20 online courses that you can use toward your professional enrichment or license renewal requirements. These courses can help you increase your value and build a successful real estate business. To claim your Free courses for 2014, visit store.car.org/12FreeCE.
  4. zipForm® Open House Library: available as an add-on library to zipForm®. This library provides you with 24 forms  to help ensure your success at every open house you hold. The library includes: checklists, glossaries, sign-in sheets and more. Visit the C.A.R. Booth #518 for your chance to win an annual Open House Library subscription for zipForm®. For more information, visit www.car.org/zipForm/formlibraries/OpenHouse.

An Affordable and Affective Marketing Strategy

Blog post by Guest Blogger: Randy Sykes, Liv Sac

Big companies spend big $ to find out what is the best way to spend their advertising $. So why do they still use email?Cause it works!

Quick Stats:

  1. According to a study by “Exact Target”, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission- based marketing communication through email.
  2. Quality communication with your prospects can get you closer to your goal of people actually looking at your message.
  3. For every $ spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. ( Experian)
  4. 56% of business said they planned to increase their use of email marketing in 2013 (The Small and Midsize Business Email Marketing Survey 2013).

Quick Tips:

  1. Make it personal- send it directly to them from you.
  2. Send Value-them information of value…this creates credibility and a relationship.
  3. Stand out- Don’t pitch- they will buy when they trust you. Everyone is pitching them. Set yourself apart by not pitching to them.
  4. Be consistent- they will look for you.
  5. Time- In time, with consistent valuable messaging from you, they will trust and buy from you.

Email is part of an overall marketing strategy.  It’s affordable and affective.  Combined with social media, print and word of mouth it is an essential part of your branding. Build a list, build relationship from that list by sending value without pitching…that value creates trust and thereby a relationship. The relationship generates customers.

For help with Email Marketing, come see us at booth # 300 at the 2014 NorCal Real Estate Expo!

A CMA Isn’t Enough – You Need An Entire Listing Presentation

Post by guest blogger: Frances Brittle, W&R Studios – Creators of Cloud CMA

In today’s competitive market, every opportunity to win a listing is crucial to the success of your real estate business. These opportunities generally arise after you’ve done a lot of the hard work.  You probably spent hours prospecting, nurturing the relationship, and maintained your presence in the client’s mind enough to the point where they called you to discuss selling their home.  Congrats!  But it’s not over yet.  Until you have an executed listing contract in hand, the precious in-between time can’t be wasted.

Before going to the listing appointment, you’ve got your homework cut out for you and a CMA alone isn’t enough.  You need a full listing presentation.  Your materials must guide the conversation with your client and show them that you are the agent for the job.  Programs like Cloud CMA make it easy for you to create a full listing presentation that’s available in two formats: a print PDF and an interactive tablet presentation.

Presenting a listing presentation on a tablet is a powerful strategy.  Clients will infer that you are a tech savvy agent and capable of handling the demands of today’s ever changing technology.  A tablet presentation works best when paired with a physical report.  The most effective digital presentations do not spell out the data and details the client needs. Instead, they guide the conversation – which is why a leave behind marketing piece is equally important.  The client needs a way to reference details and find information they’re looking for, all the while keeping you in mind for providing them with such valuable resources.

For more information on Cloud CMA and pro tips about listing presentations, visit Booth #405 at the NorCal Real Estate Expo on April 2nd.  Shane McCarthy of W&R Studios – the creators of Cloud CMA – will be hosting two educational sessions during the show and you are encouraged to attend.

To attend a “Listing Presentation Secrets” class at the EXPO, stop by Room 303 (on the 3rd floor) at either 11am or 12pm.  Find out how top producing agents seal the deal at listing presentations and how you can use these strategies to win more listings!

Protect your client, Protect yourself

Post by guest blogger: DisclosureSave

As a real estate professional, you are responsible for protecting your clients and yourself from lawsuits.  Given the litigious nature of the real estate world, it’s important to make choices that minimize risks.

NHD Reports, while required by law, are not regulated and every report has different Terms and Conditions.  It’s valuable to conduct due diligence and select the NHD that offers the best protection in its terms.

Limited Warranty

DisclosureSave is the ONLY company to offer a Limited Warranty on their NHD report. We warrant that our hazard determinations accurately reflect the information contained within the public record. As a company, we hold ourselves at a higher standard – ensuring you can be confident in your choice for NHDs.

Path to Indemnification

Over the course of time, you may be sued for an inaccurate NHD report. With DisclosureSave, we provide a path to indemnification. This process allows DisclosureSave to take on the responsibility of the lawsuit, leaving you free to continue working and focusing on your business. With other companies, you must fight a lawsuit on your own, due to a possible error in their report. DisclosureSave treats our customers fairly with a fair path to indemnification.

Limit of Liability

DisclosureSave’s stated limit of liability is the difference in the fair market value of a property before and after an issue. This is calculated as the proven damages caused as a direct result of an error within the NHD. While other companies may limit their liability at the price of the report itself, $100,000, or some other amount, DisclosureSave limits its liability to the actual cost of the damage done.

While the DisclosureSave NHD report is not an insurance product and certain limitations do apply, it offers the best, across the board protection in its Terms and Conditions (please see report for complete terms). Why pay more for less protection?

How much longer will mortgage lenders stay in the mortgage business?

Blog post by guest blogger: Jeff Tarbell  CA BRE #1053700 NMLS # 249176

As you are keenly aware, April 15 is very near. Our annual pilgrimage to the IRS is near. I remind you that this is the period of time where we can see some significant delays in loan funding. The lending community is MANDATED to verify the tax returns of borrowers directly through the IRS. Typically this is just a few day process. However, with the NEW filings for 2013 just going in, it could be weeks or more for the IRS to validate the returns. Remember, this is the LAW under ATR (ability to repay) that we accurately document and verify the income being used to qualify a borrower. IF WE DON’T, and a borrower loses their home or cannot pay their mortgage somewhere down the line, the BORROWER can SUE THE LENDER for their initial down payment back and all mortgage payments during the life of the loan to be returned + damages!

This brings up a very interesting consideration. How much longer will mortgage lenders stay in the mortgage business? Take for example a “typical” mortgage banker (not your publicly traded big box bank).  A $250,000 average loan amount generates a NET profit to a bank (after commissions, staff, obamacare, etc) of about 40-50 basis points during the “normal market”. This means a bank makes about $1000-1200 total on this loan IF EVERYTHING GOES PERFECTLY. NOW, for that $1000 profit, the lender is ON THE HOOK for repayment of the mortgage, lawsuit from Fannie mae or FHA, the borrower, and many regulatory agencies FOR LIFE!  To add further reality, a BIG portion of these lenders did not make ANY MONEY in the last 3+ months during the quick jump up in rates.  NO, this is not a pitty party for mortgage lenders. If you don’t like the rules, get out of the business. However, I think it is very helpful to know WHY we must collectively double cross every T and dot every i two or more times!  Would you be willing to PERSONALLY guarantee the repayment of a $250,000 loan for life if I gave you $1200?

The path being charted for our industry is being led by people who do not understand our industry and have never worked a day in our shoes. There is a small part of me who believes that one day, we could have ONE government issued 20% down loan option and one government issued health care option if we are not careful.

CA State Legislative Update

In this session by C.A.R.’s chief lobbyist Alex Creel, we will learn about new bills introduced at the State Capitol and how they could impact your business.  Every year at the State Capitol there are approximately 5,500 bills introduced, and about 2/3 of these are real estate related in some way.  Bills REALTORS® frequently fight at the statewide level include point-of-sale mandates, which would require something about a property to change before it could close escrow.  As well as a wide variety of new taxes and fees assessed on real estate transactions.  Legislation can also help REALTORS®, C.A.R. sponsors bills every year designed to curtail industry concerns.  For example, this year C.A.R. sponsored a bill that will clarify that texts and tweets are not considered part of the permanent transaction document.  This session will help you understand the significant impact government can have on your business, and how you can become involved to protect your business from further onerous government regulation.

5 Mistakes You’re Making When Marketing Your Properties

Post by Guest Blogger and EXPO Keynote Speaker Josh Flagg

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty good at what I do.  For being such a young guy, I’ve built up an impressive portfolio of listings and sales, and I’m fortunate to be able to earn a great living off of something I love.

But just because I’ve been so successful doesn’t mean I haven’t worked hard for it!  I’ve been able to do well in real estate because I do things differently.  I don’t market my properties according to some “cookie cutter” campaign strategy – and I definitely recommend that you avoid this as well.

Here are five of the biggest mistakes I see other real estate agents making:

Mistake #1 – Taking Bad Pictures

I know everybody says that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I like to think that it’s worth a thousand dollars!  Good pictures will close your listings for you, while bad pictures will leave you wondering why your seemingly-hot property isn’t moving.

Unless you’re a professional photographer, chances are your pictures could be better.  Invest in better camera equipment and take a photography class to learn more about how to use angles, camera settings and more to improve the quality of your shots.  And don’t forget that it’s easier to get good pictures of well-staged homes than it is to try to work your camera magic on ugly rooms.

Mistake #2 – Not Putting Yourself in Your Buyer’s Shoes

There’s no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to marketing a property.  Instead, you’ve got to put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers to figure out which features and benefits to emphasize.

If you’re selling high-end properties, it’s usually a better idea to focus on luxury details than on the efficiency of the unit’s appliances.  If you’re selling a family home, don’t spend too much time focusing your marketing materials on the property’s plush white carpets!

Mistake #3 – Cheapening Your Reputation

I think that, as a real estate agent, you have to be especially careful of the public persona you advertise to the world.  Certain types of marketing can either heighten your reputation or they can diminish it.

For example, you’ll never find my face plastered on shopping cart insert or bus benches.   These things just don’t say “high-end” to me (although they certainly could be effective in other markets).

Before you sign off on any type of advertising, think carefully what the finished product will say about you.  If it isn’t a great fit for your personal brand, there are always other options out there.

Mistake #4 – Getting Stuck in the “Old Ways”

Be honest – do you market properties in a certain way because that’s how things have always been done?  If so, it’s time for a marketing technique update!

Today, there are more ways than ever to market your properties.  Sure, there are traditional options like MLS listings and print property previews – and there’s definitely a time and a place for these techniques.  But what about marketing your listings on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter?  What about building up a client email list so that you can send listings directly to interested buyers?

If you haven’t ever done so before, it’s a good idea to measure where your leads are coming from.  Simply ask customers how they found you and then compare the number of closed sales you can associate with each marketing technique to each other.  You might be surprised to find out that the “old ways” aren’t doing nearly as much as you think for your bottom line!

Mistake #5 – Being Boring

Yes, some things – like listing your homes on the MLS and taking out the appropriate print advertisements – all have their place.  But do you know what they call a real estate agent who sticks to these fundamentals and never goes above and beyond?  Broke!

When was the last time you did something that truly got people excited about working with you?  When was the last time you made potential customers stand up and take notice?

The sad fact of the matter is that there’s too much competition out there to be boring.  And even if you’re making ok money doing things the boring, easy way, just think about how much more you could be making if you were able to use good marketing techniques to get your name in front of higher-end, more motivated buyers!

So before you close out of this article, I want you to take a few minutes to think about all the different ways you could make a splash within your community.  Maybe it’s something as simple as renting out a box at your local sports arena or as crazy as hiring a plane to write your sales pitch in the sky.  Even if your initial ideas are too grandiose or expensive, you might be surprised what seeds of inspiration come out of this kind of brainstorming!

What’s the craziest way you can think of to market your real estate business?  Share your ideas in the comments below!

Or visit http://www.joshflagg.com to read more.

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